Deathgaze Interview before Haitus

Hello Deathgaze! Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions.

1. What kind of tour will your last one before your break be ?

Ai: Nice and sad.
Takaki: A life as hot as always! There is a lot to look forward to, right?
Kosuke: I will have fun with all my strength.
Naoki: And to thank as many people as possible with our music.

2. What are your future plans?

Ai: Using the experience I have now it will be even better.
Takaki: To live overseas! *laughs*
Kosuke: I don’t have a plan, but I will think about it when it comes to the future.
Naoki: I want to do something related to music since I like music.

3. What do you think about the hiatus? Wouldn’t it be boring without the others?

Naoki: Of course it will be sad, but I think to choose the hiatus was the best.
Kosuke: Really sad.
Takaki: It is not sad or boring, we can always meet!
Ai: It’s not that we are die from it, so it is ok.

4. What were the best moments for each of you with Deathgaze?

Kosuke: Every moment was special, so all was special.
Naoki: To make our fans happy was the best moment.

5. Your last words before you come overseas?

Kosuke: We can come overseas because you are supporting us. Thank you!
Naoki: I want to do my best to make a good live. Please have a lot of fun!
Takaki: DEATHGAZE makes a hiatus but nevertheless enjoy the live. Let’s all have fun together!
Ai: Best regards!